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Doing fine and strong manufacturing information to enhance the level of
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Manufacturing sector is China's pillar industries. Our country is becoming a global manufacturing center. 

The advanced information technology in manufacturing industry, to enhance the international competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry will be a strong impetus to China from "a big manufacturing country" to "manufacturing power," transformation and promote sound and rapid development of the national economy to achieve. In recent years, China's manufacturing industry in the information construction of the scale of investment has maintained an average annual growth rate of 17%. Information from the blind on the construction project to enterprise characteristics, according to its own program to select the appropriate level of construction is becoming mature. 

However, when compared with the industrialized countries, China's manufacturing enterprises the level of information there are still a big gap between. Management system for enterprise resource planning (ERP), for example, the end of 2003, large state-owned enterprises have been built or are building enterprise ERP projects only account for about 21%. According to relevant institutions to investigate, the United Kingdom annual income of more than 100 million U.S. dollars in medium-sized enterprises, 91  3% or more were planning information. 

As a manufacturing pioneer of information technology, ERP for its critical role at the helm of the manufacturing sector in the whole of large-scale structure of information to occupy a very important position. After 20 years of development, China's ERP industry Although the initial maturity, but there are not enough degree of specialization, business knowledge is not enough and so on. 

To promote the development of manufacturing industry ERP, industry experts believe that to "two-pronged approach": on the one hand to strengthen the ERP market segmentation, upgrading of the manufacturing ERP software design level; the other hand, increase the typical propaganda and expand its ERP in the manufacturing industry应用. China's ERP market, started in the 80s of last century, and underwent a short period of prosperity, and finally no development because the soil and the pace slow down. 90 end of the decade, with the popularization of personal computers and information technology improvements, ERP market ushered in the "second spring." 

The investigation report shows that in 2006 China's manufacturing ERP software market size of 34  08 billion yuan, up 22  37%, accounting for the same period the size of enterprise management software market for more than half. For the ERP industry, our manufacturing sector undoubtedly has a huge market potential, can become the ERP industry, the rapid development of power source. But the fact is: the one hand, 

ERP is widely generalized, and truly able to provide the industry's few producers of quality service; the other hand, ERP producers blind pursuit of large-scale development, and abandon the market segments in favor of a "large and complete" product R & D products targeted is not strong, the software efficiency is not high. 

"ERP is indispensable, but not a panacea." Industry experts say, different corporate governance models huge difference, we must give full consideration to their own characteristics and features of the industry, so as to effective use of the system to achieve a multiplier effect. 

Some of the traditional vertical integration of large manufacturing enterprises based in the whole enterprise group established a strict division of labor, the establishment of an internal supply chain, such as the FAW. In some developed areas in the private economy, such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places, then the establishment of horizontal integration, the formation of the external supply chain, such as Guangdong, South China Sea aluminum supply chain, supply chain, Chongqing and Zhejiang Motorcycle Yong Kang's hardware supply chain. The different production organization, product features, marketing models, procurement in different ways, forming a different management models, therefore, impossible to use one type of management software to adapt to all businesses. 

As part of the manufacturing management of many significant differences between enterprises, information technology application software selection, custom development, and information integration is essential. Each application should have a different position in the market to suit different types, different size, different production and management company. "The current strength of China's software industry, to really design a set of exhaustive product is difficult, companies should concentrate on his own ERP product so refined, so special, and stronger." Industry experts say.

Although the domestic manufacturing of information technology has developed to a certain stage, but with the world advanced countries, there is a great difference. All walks of life how to choose the right platform for their enterprise systems more appropriate to wear "shoes" has become a key factor in the development of an enterprise grows. 

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, set up jointly by the ministries of Science and Technology Manufacturing Information Coordinating Leading Group, to jointly promote the manufacturing information. Ministry of Information Industry in the "information industry, science and technology development" Eleventh Five-Year "plan and 2020 long-term planning framework" that: "information industry, technological advancement must be the principle of 'using information to promote industrialization, promotion of information technology' strategic decision-making, make full use of information technology to transform and optimize the traditional industries, promoting industrial upgrading. " 

Accompanied by information-based global trend of strengthening the promotion of management innovation in the manufacturing of information technology development should exceed and for the economic development of enterprise to provide more help.
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