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Made in China should not only be identified by name to fight for the interests of
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As the United Nations procurement instructions will be held, "a large number of Chinese products through third countries, the high increase resale of the United Nations" became the hot topic of discussion. It was reported that in 2006 the United Nations 9.4 billion U.S. dollars in purchasing large sheet, the proportion of direct sourcing to China less than 1%, while the other channels through a third country or into the United Nations procurement system of the Chinese-made products account for the total procurement volume of 1 / 4 . 

This news came out, "strive to become a direct supplier", "Chinese brands strive for recognition," and so the voice is very loud, there are many experts pointed out that if get rid of middlemen, the Chinese products, "price advantage" will be how limitless. 

In fact, we need to understand that the United Nations to fight for Chinese enterprises and reasonable "dubbing" the encouragement, not so much favored in China, it would be better is to shorten the supply chain, to buy "Nett" commodity. The large number of products through the "third country high increase" post-supplier honors at the United Nations is still competitive, because I am afraid that not only Chinese brands have no influence, but these products out of our country abroad, when low-cost to what kind of situation! 

For a long time, "inexpensive" is our weapon of competition for the meager resources, compensation and cheap labor costs are called "comparative advantage" as some economists delight in talking about objects. On the one hand, "Unknown" is indeed the reality of the situation of many Chinese manufacturers, on the other "cheap" is often our own definition of their own. The face of raw material prices and foreign prices down, many Chinese enterprises to rely on "multi-pin" comfort "narrow margin", hopes reduce costs and increase technology content can increase the technical content easier said than done, so only the cost of production such as labor costs will be again and again reduced. 

Some kind of "sacrifice" constitute our competitive edge. The most direct result is that, in assembly line work on three Chinese workers are likely to contain all five can not afford an OEM their brand-name products, while the Mont Blanc and other international big-name factories in China to be uniformly negative, because "cheap Chinese-made can not be called a luxury." 

"Wumart" is something to be proud of, and "cheap" is not. Even a contract, and we should also strive for a reasonable cost; even if the product is relatively junior, we should also have a basic bargaining courage; only the value of labor is respected and affirmed, made in China have risen to the possibility of the brand. 

One-sided pursuit of profit is actually a low-cost grain prices are low people's "no economy." Low-cost, low-fuss, it was only needlessly overdraft of China's resources and manpower. The urgent wish to make products "going out" of Chinese enterprises, the eradication of intermediaries is necessary, but our ultimate goal is not to "name and a surname," but for local enterprises, especially for the numerous low-cost products being produced ordinary workers and to secure the interest they deserve.

But in any case, that the initiator, that will be of professional quality supervision and discuss the introduction of public and political fields to undermine their own country. As he once again reveals the U.S. economy is not only vulnerable but also more and more dependent on the world's major major economies, first of all is China. 

Singapore's "Straits Times" reported September 3 flavor somewhat alarmist. The newspaper has written that, with the "Made in China" in trouble, people began to turn their attention to another rising Asian powers, India. 

"Made in China" and "Made in India" is the topic of long-standing dispute. Recently, the Chinese toys and food experience "quality crisis" caused by the international community to the "Made in China" some of the questions seemed to give a "Made in India" Instead opportunity. However, I believe that "Made in India" I wanted to go beyond "Made in China", it seems not yet ready. 

"Diethylene glycol" is still lingering shadow of toothpaste, "lead" toy event sent the "Made in China" pushed the cusp. Then, "Made in China" really, as some foreign media reported as "serious problems" do? 

Response to the recent stage to "Made in China" series of crises encountered by the Ministry of Commerce, the State Bureau of Quality Supervision and other related departments were recently have responded with facts and data for the "Made in China" rectification of names. 
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